G/L Entries Application AE095

Description #

This extension adds the possibility of applying general ledger entries with each other and allows general ledger entries automatic pairing. Pairing occurs depending on the settings either during posting or in a scheduled task.

Applied entries #

Three new actions were added to the General ledger entries list:

  • Apply Entries
    • Opens an overview of entries to which it is possible to pair the entry (Only for 1 entry).
  • Unapply Entries
    • Unapplies all selected entries.
  • Apply More Entries
    • Opens an overview of entries to which it is possible to pair the entries (for more entries, which can be selected by Mark function).

Bulk pairing of selected entries #

The extension also allow to start automatic pairing of selected entries directly in the list of general ledger entries. Pairing takes place according to the settings on the G/L account card.

On the General ledger entries page, first select all entries you want to pair. Then use the Automatic pairing action (Action > Functions).

In the list, you can select the field according to which pairing will take place. If partial pairing is not enabled on the account card, the system will only match entries if their total amount is zero.

  • If the user has only one line selected, only entries that match the selected auto-pairing method are paired in bulk pairing (Multiple entries (Debit) versus multiple entries (Credit)).
  • If the user has multiple rows selected, all entries will be paired during bulk pairing (Multiple entries (Debit) versus multiple entries (Credit)) according to the selected automatic pairing method.
  • If the user selects single pairing (One entry (Debit) versus multiple entries (Credit)), the selected entry is paired with one other entry if it is uniquely specified. (If there are multiple entries with the same amount, the entry will not be matched).

Settings #

The automatic pairing settings can be found in the Entry Pairing section on the G/L Account Card.

Fields functions:

  • Automatic Entry Pairing specifies the field according to which the automatic pairing takes place. To deactivate pairing, select the first (empty) option.
  • Automatic Entry Pairing Type determines whether automatic pairing will take place during posting or in a scheduled task.
  • Automatic Entry Pairing Since specifies the date from which pairing will take place in the scheduled task using the date formula.
  • Partial Amount Auto Pairing Allowed determines whether the entries will be paired even if the total amount is not zero.

Task scheduling #

The scheduled task can be created in the Job Queue Entries list.

If we create a new queue entry, it is necessary to set the new entry to Ready using the Set status to ready action.

Mandatory data:

  • Object Type To Run - Codeunit
  • Object ID to Run - 79002

It is also necessary to select the days and times when the task will run. We will set this in the Recurrence section. Here we check all the days when the task should run.

  • Starting Time - specifies the time at which the task will run.