Incoming Documents AE032

General description #

This extension allows you to manually enter incoming documents and then base on them standard sales or purchase documents in the system.

Incoming Document #

Within an incoming document you can define most of the information available in sales and purchase documents. After selecting the resource type (customer/vendor), you must select the document type to which the incoming document will be linked in the Link to Document Type field. The field Incoming document type is for the receipt of correspondence only.

Incoming Document

In the incoming document, you can either select a number series and then manually create a new document using the Create Document action, or select an existing document through a click in the "Document No. If a number sequence is selected, a new number is immediately generated and the series is moved - if the document is canceled, the number remains unused.

When posting documents linked to an incoming document, the document amount is checked against the amount on the incoming document. From the incoming document, it is possible to unilaterally break the link to the paired document. You can also insert multiple new links to existing documents. When pairing additional documents, you can select automatic updating of the incoming document according to the selected document.

Users with permission to manually change a status can manually change incoming document status. The link to the incoming document is transferred to the posted documents. The standard Navigate function is extended by searching for incoming documents and searching for posted documents based on the internal number of the incoming document.

The document you have in the receipt can be cancelled. The in-out document is moved to the canceled in-out documents, and the paired document is deleted.

Setup #

Functionality must be activated in the Incoming Document Setup by switching the Incoming Document Type to manual. You must also select an Internal Doc. No. Series.

In the settings, you can change how the due date is calculated in the incoming documents and activate the duplicity check of variable symbols.


Incoming document change log setup #

Access to the log - and log settings - is restricted by the permissions on the user's settings tab.

In settings, you can define which fields are logged. You can log when you insert and modify an incoming document. You can also Skip Filling of an empty field.

Change Log Setup