Agreements AE108

General Description #

The extensions adds a list of agreements for customers and vendors that can be opened from the respective Customer Card or Vendor Card. In each agreement it is possible to specify posting groups, dimensions and other details. The details can differ from the values specified on the customer/vendor. Additionally, the agreement card includes a balance of customer/vendor entries with given agreement number.

The agreement number is added as a new field to sales/purchase documents (Order, Invoice, Quote, Credit Memo) and to general/payment journals. When the agreement is selected, the values specified on the agreement are inserted into respective fields in the document and dimensions are added to dimension set entries. When agreement number is specified, the document can only be posted if the agreement is active and document posting date is between Starting Date and Ending Date of the agreement.

In G/L entries, VAT entries and customer/vendor entries the agreement number is also visible.

Setup #

Before creating vendor agreements, on the Vendor Card page the Agreement Nos. must be specified and Agreement Posting must be set to "Mandatory". If the Vendor Agreement Nos. on the Purchase & Payables Setup page is specified then it will be automatically used as Agreement Nos. for every new vendor.

If Synchronize Agreement Dimension on the Purchase & Payables Setup page is enabled, then dimension with Vendor Agreement Dimension Code as the code and agreement number as the value is inserted into new agreement.

The setup is equivalent for customer agreements, but it is using Customer Card and Sales & Receivables Setup.