Digital Signatures AE135

General Description #

This extension allows to generate digitally signed documents.

For Business Central versions 20.0 and higher, any report generated in background as a PDF, or printed by the user using the Send to... -> PDF Document option, can be digitally signed. Report previews are not signed.

For older versions of Business Central, any report generated in the background using the built-in report selections process can be digitally signed, for example sending reports as PDF email attachments.

Digital Signature Templates #

Templates can be defined using the Digital Signature Templates page. These templates can then be assigned to individual reports.

Template options:

  • General
    • Code and Description of the template
    • Certificate
      • Thumbprint - Thumbprint of the certificate. The certificate must be reachable by the remote ATI service.
  • Position
    • Signature Page - The signature can be display either on the first or last page, or on all pages of the document.
    • Signature Position - One of predefined positions can be selected, or a custom position can be defined.
      • Custom position - Using the X (from the left) and Y (from the bottom) positions a custom position and area size can be defined for the signature area.
  • Signature
    • Type - Specifies whether the signature text should be rended next to the image, with the image in the background, or not at all (only image visible). "Image behind text" and "Image beside text" options are interchangeable when no image is defined.
    • Text
      • Text - This text will be used as the signature when signing.
        • The Text can contain various substitutions, like the current date, time, user name and others. The available substitutions can be displayed using the lookup button (⋯).
      • Font Size - Allows to override the default font size.
      • Font - One of predefined fonts can be selected, or a custom font path can be defined.
        • Custom font path must be reachable by the remote ATI service.
    • Signature Image

A Preview can be run in the actions. Any report can be selected, which will then be signed and downloaded.

Templates can be copied using the Copy from Template action. All properties from an existing template will be copied to the current template.

Setup #

Digital Signatures Setup #

On the Digital Signatures Setup the Templates can be assigned to individual reports and the service can be enabled for them.

The Templates can be assigned to individual Users. If the User ID is left blank, the Template is considered to be default and will be used for all users, that don't have their own Template set up.


The service must be enabled using the Enabled field. Reports with assigned templated that are not enabled are ignored. If a specific User has their Template set up, but no Enabled, the default template will be used.

ATI service connection #

Connection to the ATI service must be set up in the ARTEX Extension Setup.

In older version of Business Central, in which the ARTEX Extension Setup is not available, the ATI service connection is defined directly in the individual Digital Signature Templates in the General category.