Bulk mailing AE018

General description #

This extension allows you to send posted sales document emails in bulk. Documents in the queue are processed by the scheduled job 79005. The selected documents can be sent immediately in the queue using the "Send Selected" action.

For each document there is established one-time job in the job queue when it is sent. The item in the queue is marked with the "Exported" flag with the export date and time. If the job is successfully submitted, the one-time job is deleted. If an error occurs, the item remains in the queue in an error state. The error can be viewed through standard job queue actions.

Settings #

On page General Ledger Setup there is a field Customer Ledger Entries Sending Options which specifies if the selected entries should be sent as separate attachments or in one pdf document. The default value of the field is Separated.

Document sending profiles #

You can set up a bulk e-mail on the "Document Sending Profiles" card. To activate bulk sending, you must set the e-mail option to "Yes (Use default). Document sending profile code is automatically transfered from the customer/vendor (Bill-to customer/Pay-to vendor) card to the unposted document header and can be also edited afterwards in the General group. Selected sending profile on the document card is automatically used when sending the document. In case the profile code on the document is empty, the profile set on the customer/vendor is used.

Schedule a task #

You can create a planned task in the "Job Queue Entries". Mandatory data: • “Object Type to Run” - Codeunit • “Object ID to Run” – 79005 You must also choose the days and times when the job will run. The example above shows the settings for starting every day of the week at 1:00 a.m.

Sending invoices and credit memos in a bulk #

Added Send invoices in a bulk button/function under Actions tab on Posted Sales Invoices. It is possible to filter by posting date, to send invoices only if past due or send only open invoices. You can also choose whether to send invoices in one PDF or one per each invoice.

Similarly, action Send credit memos in a bulk was added to Actions tab on Posted Sales Credit Memos.

Sales shipment email #

The "Send by e-mail" action was added to the list and card of “Posted Sales Shipments” under the "Print/Send" tab. The action opens a standard dialog to send an email, inserts selected reports in the text and attachments, and sets the sender to the customer's email (Sell-to Customer).

Sending customer ledger entries #

An action Send via e-mail has been added to the page Customer Ledger Entries in the group Functions. This action sends the selected entries as e-mail attachments. Only those entries that fulfill the following conditions can be sent:

  • Document type is either Invoice or Credit Memo
  • all entries must belong to only one customer
  • all entries must be of the same document type

The action opens a form for e-mail sending, the subject is in format „Company Name - document name“. According to the value of the field Customer Ledger Entries Sending Options from General Ledger Setup the entries are sent either together

  • if multiple documents are attached, the system creates one .pdf document containing all of them at once.

or separated

  • the name of each attached document is in format "Sales Invoice / Sales Credit Memo" [number].pdf.