Receivables and customers management AE040

General description #

Reports for receivables and customer management have been added to this extension:

  • Due Date Review
  • Customer Balance
  • Customer Ledger Entry Overview Width
  • Receivables 30-60-90

Reports #

Due Date Review #

Report ID: 79028

The report checking the maturity can be filtered to individual customers and their items.

  • Here we have to set, if we want to Show details
  • We can also apply filters on customers and customer items

Customer Balance #

Report ID: 79029

A report showing customer balances where we can find the posting date, all document types, external document number, customer balance, and due date.

  • Date from & Date to - Balance check interval
  • Print details – Details of individual items
  • Print summary by currency - In the end part of the report, a summary by currency is printed
  • Print summary by customer/currency – In the end part of the report, a summary by customer/currency is printed.
  • Print Summary by Posting Group - In the end part of the report, a summary by posting group is printed
  • Show Remaining Amount to date – Shows Remaining balance to Date to
  • Customer entries filter

Customer Ledger Entry Overview Width #

Report ID: 79030

A report that lists all customer ledger entries. We can filter to specific types of documents and sort output according to different criteria.

  • Document Type - If none is selected, all documents are printed
  • Sort by - Sorts documents by document, customer, due date, or posting date
  • Filters - Customer entries filter

Receivables 30-60-90 #

Report ID: 79031

Report shows receivables of all or filtered customers. Receivables are displayed in date intervals specified on the request page.

  • Due – You can select Backward (not due) or Forward (overdue)
  • Amount in LCY - If set to true, amounts are printed in local currency instead of their original currency
  • To Date - receivables by date (the maturity back/forward functionality works until this date)
  • Print overview by customer – Summary by individual customers
  • Print overview by posting group – Summary by posting groups
  • Intervals - Possibility to set custom range on the maturity of receivables
  • Filters - for customers and customer entries

Simplified layout for excel export #

Simplified .rdlc report layout is available for easy export to excel. You can choose the what layout to use on the Report Layout Selection page. Download

Full layout for excel export #

New full layout Receivables 30-60-90 - Excel export for exporting into Excel has been added.

  • When printing overview by customer:
    • Option to print Description from Customer Ledger Entry.
    • Option to print customer's Posting group.
    • Option to print Receivable Account from Customer Posting Group.
  • When printing overview by posting group:
    • Option to print Receivable Account from Customer Posting Group.
  • When not printing by LCY the new column with Totals in LCY has been added as the last column.