Sales documents AE047

General description #

This extension adds the possibility of tying lines in documents, creating so-called bundles. You can then display lines linked to each other in print reports as a single line that is the sum of the same item lines. This add-in is incorporated as an option before the document is printed.

On the lines there are two new fields Bundle No. and Main Bundle.

  • First, the user must choose the main line. To do this, place a check mark in the Main Bundle field on the selected line.
  • After that, the user must fill in the Bundle No. of the main line
  • Subsequently, other lines may be linked to this line if they have the same VAT.
  • This is done by clicking the Bundle No. on the line that wants to follow up and selects the main line bundle.

You can also link lines to the "Comments" type and insert the VAT and Total Price fields there at that time. After you set up the field Bundle No. in line and check the "Print Bundle" option on the request page, the report is printed with this edit.

Within the Sales order in section Lines, action Line > Adjust Bundle Price:

  • This action prompts the user to enter a new price or margin for recalculation according to the cost of each line.
  • All lines must have a Unit cost filled in, otherwise an error is displayed. If the margin falls below the Default Margin value of the bundle price change in %, which is set in the setting, the user is notified when confirming the recalculation action. At the same time, the user is graphically notified already when setting the price/margin - if the margin falls below the default value, it turns red. If the price falls below the total cost, it turns red.

If the user wants to change the description, bundle number, or set another line as the main bundle, these changes can be made through the action on the line in the Manage section using the Edit Bundle action. After clicking this action, we will see a list of lines from the posted sales invoice, where you can overwrite the bundle number and description. If we want to reconfigure the main bundle, it is necessary to tick off the already set bundle first, and only then it is possible to choose another one.

Signature #

On the Employee and Company information cards you can set the user's/company's signature and stamp using the new Signature & Stamp factbox.

The Signature & Stamp is then visible on selected report, depending on individual customer modifications. This module does not modify any reports.

When choosing to print, you can select on the "request page" whether we want to print the document with or without a bundle. This means that even if the lines are linked to each other, we still do not have to use this functionality. However, if we select the option to print with the bundle, when printing itself, we will see already bound lines in the document, as we set them ourselves.

Setup #

In Sales & Receivables Setup needs to be filled in Default Bundle Adjustment Margin % for proper functioning of Adjust bundle price functionality.