Advanced job queue management AE005

General description #

This functionality allows you to automatically notify selected users (email addresses) by email in the case of an error or success of a planned or one-time planned task. At the same time, it is possible to automatically restart tasks in the event of an error using this functionality.

Setup #

SMTP protocol setup #

The new section „Task Queue Notification“ allows you to specify the email for sending (applies only to old mailing) and the addressees of notifications of one-time tasks.

Job Queue categories #

New fields:

  • Error Notification- turns on notification email functionality for the selected job queue category in error.
  • Notify on Successful Completion - turns on notification email functionality for the selected job queue category when completed successfully.
  • Sending email - the email address from which the notifications will be sent. (applies only to old mailing)
  • Notification emails- the email address to which the notification will be sent (multiple addresses can be separated by a semicolon).
  • Automatic Restart If Failed - on automatic restart functionality for the selected task queue category.
  • Automatic Restart After - specify the time after which the job should be restarted automatically. If empty, the job restarts the first time you run it.
  • Maximum No. of Restarts - specify the maximum number of restart attempts. If the attempt is successful, the number of current restarts is zeroed. Leave 0 if it is to be unlimited.

New mailing specifics #

If a function Feature Updates: Enhanced Email Capabilities is enabled in Feature Management tab, the notification email sender is specified by assigning email scenarios on the "Email Accounts" page to a specific email account.

  • Newly defined scenarios
    • Job queue notification - periodic – designed for notification of periodic jobs
    • Job que notification - nonperiodic – designed for notification of nonperiodic jobs

Extending task queue notifications #

Added new table Excluded job queue notification error list and Notification Entry List. Automatic sending of e-mails modified:

  • If in the Excluded job queue notification error list table the Regular expression field is set to No, check if the error being processed is not in the Job Queue Entries table, if so -> do not send the e-mail.
  • If the Excluded error from job queue notifications table has the Regular expression field set to Yes, then check for the error. If the Regular Expression record contains an excluded error, the e-mail is not sent.

To General Ledger Setup in the Job Queue E-mails section added Notification Addresses from Notification Items field. Added automatic group sending of pending e-mails, if they have completed recipients, can be searched by typing Sending Notification E-mails title. If the user leaves the Notification Email Address field blank when creating an email in the Notification Entry List table, the e-mail address from the Addressees of Notifications from Notification Entries field from the page General Ledger Setup is filled in.