Periodic orders AE093

General description #

This extension modifies Blanket Sales Orders in a way that a periodic Blanket Sales Order can be created/posted.

The following fields were added to the header of the page "Blanket Sales Order":

  • Recurring Status
  • Invoice period
  • Notification Period
  • Last Invoiced Date
  • Next Invoicing Date
  • Next Notification Date

At the same time the field Status and actions Create Blanket Order, Release, Reopen are hidden as well as the field Status.

When the Recurring Status is swiched to "Ready" the fields Quantity and Unit Price in each line are checked (if they are filled in).

In case the Blanket Sales Order has not yet been processed, and the Last Invoiced Date is not filled in, it is possible to specify the value of the Next Invoicing Date. Otherwise, the value of the Next Invoicing Date is calculated based on the values Invoice Period and Last Invoiced Date.

The Shipment Date fot the new lines, created in the document, is filled out according to the field Next Invoicing Date in the header.

The field Notification Period was added on the page "Customer Card". The value from this field will be automatically filled in the Blanket Sales Order, in Notification Period while choosing the Customer.

Added Task Process Period Orders. The Blanket Sales Orders are processed when the Next Notification Date is earlier than the current date and the Recurring Status is "Ready". It is possible to choose wheter, according to the Blanket Sales Order, a Sales Order should be created or a Sales Orders should be created and posted at the same time. This Task can be also run directly from the document Blanket Sales Orders in Action Process Periodic Orders or in Process.

After the Sales Order is created, lines for the next period in the Blanket Sales Order are suggested and the values Last Invoiced Date, Next Invoicing Date and Next Notification Date are updated.

In case the price in the line of the Blanket Sales Order is modified, this modification is reflected in the original line of the Blanket Sales Order and also in the suggested line fot the next period.

Settings #

This extension does not require further settings.